Evil lurks at the fringes of our civilized society… In The Dark Of Night.   What you will read is more than just an exciting crime drama.  It’s a fact-based investigation into the dark nature of mankind.  Through the eyes of Private Investigator Marc Stiles, we now see what few dare to speak about: An innocent youth savagely abused and murdered.  But this horrific scene is not unique, and the clues of this barbaric act have been seen time and again.  And they point directly to the highest levels of our own government, and we as citizens need to know.   How does a writer inform the public of these kinds of atrocities without directly disclosing certain details of such gruesome events?  You weave these details into a story, a novel that is compelling and evidence-laden.   It is an account where the names have been changed to protect the living and the facts carefully edited in order to disclose these events to the public.  But make no mistake, it is an accounting of the real horrors perpetrated on weaker vessels by those we look to for our protection and guidance.   Often, ritualistic murders are events that mainstream discourse dismisses as conspiracy theory and fantastical.  Yet the truth is that these behaviors are not only real, but they are happening on the world’s stage, secretly hidden from the eyes of the public.   As a Private Investigator, I’ve seen and lived through it. In 1987, I responded to a crime scene that most people could not have imagined, even in their worst nightmares. Starting with the body of a young boy, the victim of a satanic ritual and sacrifice, it only got worse. Join me on my fact-finding mission to disclose an evil that few people dare to acknowledge, let alone see.   This is not hyperbolae or conjecture; it’s real, it’s in your face and happening now.   This book is a must-read for anyone with the courage to look at the dark truth that is our government and our world at large.  It’s also a siren’s call to all who are willing to take a stand against such heinous acts.   Read it while you can because the people in power will do anything to keep these truths from coming to light, even In The Dark of Night.